Tiếng Anh Thương Mại – English For Business Communication – EBC 1 – Day 1

Tự học tiếng anh giao tiếp thương mại (English For Business Communication) theo phương pháp tương tác (interactive method) của TG Minh Thạnh nhằm có được kỹ năng giao tiếp tiếng anh thương mại vững vàng nhất.


Day 1 – Types of companies

1. The alphabets

ABC           DEF           GHI             JKL

MNO          PQR            STU            VW

2. Vocabulary

a company

a corporation

an enterprise

a joint venture

a limited company

a private company

a foreign company

an office

a department

a showroom

a factory

a plant

a workshop

a branch

a shop

a store

a strategy

a program  

a project

a campaign

a subsidiary

3. Listening Practice

Listen and fill in the blanks.

         1. They discuss an advertising campaign.

          2. By careful strategy, she negotiated a substantial pay rise.

          3. She doesn’t want to buy office equipment.

          4. Tom started a new program last year.

          5. Don’t ask me about our finances: That’s my wife’s department.

          6. That is a private company.

          7. He has the office of chairman here.

          8. I go to a department store every weekend.

          9. I prefer working in IBM corporation.

          10. His latest business enterprise is selling mobile phones.

4. Pattern 1

          I open a company.

          I intend to open a company.

5. Pair work - Practice

         1. I close my company.

          2. I look for that corporation.

          3. I start a new enterprise.

          4. I set up a joint venture.

          5. I name the joint venture.

          6. You establish a limited company.

          7. You find the private company.

          8. You work in a foreign company.

          9. You decorate your office.

          10. You talk about your department.

          11. I like to paint the showroom.

          12. I want to build a factory.

          13. I need to sell the plant.

          14. I try to equip the workshop.

          15. I have to close the branch.

          16. You hate to go to a clothes shop.

          17. You expect to take care of the store.

          18. You have to make out a strategy.

          19. You love to conduct this program.

          20. You decide to carry out the new project.


Make sentences with each noun.

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